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Burning Man Helps SPOTS Bottom Line
April 1, 2005 -Black Rock City, NV

After 8 months of intense negotiations with Burning Man LLC (BMORG) SPOTS (Superior Portable Outdoor Tinkle Stations) has been able to emerge from Bankruptcy proceedings and pay shareholders a dividend for the first time in 3 years.

In 1995 SPOTS was on the verge of financial collapse.  "Not much need for Portable Sanitation Services in Washoe County" says ScottoBobScotto, Chairman & CEO of SPOTS.  Much of the Portable Sanitation services for Reno & surrounding communities was long lost to SPOTS' competition that are based out of Northern California.

SPOTS financial salvation came by way of The Burning Man Festival, which will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2005, with 18 of those years at its present location on the Black Rock Desert

Starting In 1995 with 4,000 participants BMORG was in need of a Washoe County company able to handle Portable Sanitation Services for the duration of the week long event.  Enter SPOTS and within weeks an agreement was reached.  SPOTS has been providing Portable Sanitation Services ever since.

The relationship between SPOTS & BMORG through the years has not always been good.  Though each entity sees the multi-faceted symbiotic relationship and that future of The Burning Man Festival and SPOTS are interminably linked.

ScottoBobScotto was quoted as saying, "Both SPOTS & BMORG have been through a lot of CRAP together over the years, but we all realize that with 40,000+ attendees at the event there are going to be some YAHOOS who will disrespect a Public Porta Potty".


Year Revenues from BMORG % of SPOTS Business
1995 $90,000 50%
1996 $92,000 50%
1997 $94,000 50%
1998 $200,000 60%
1999 $225,000 70%
2000 $275,000 75%
2001 $307,000 80%
2002 $302,000 85%
2003 $320,000 85%
2004 Not Available Not Available

The above financial chart shows SPOTS would be in DEEP SHIT and certainly out of business if the contract with BMORG was to be flushed. 

Over the past nine years SPOTS has received $1,905,000 from BMORG which represents 72.7% of all company revenue during that same period.

feels it has the upper hand, as NO other Portable Sanitation Service hauler will service The Burning Man Festival.

The Multi-year agreement signed between BMORG & SPOTS ensures that both the Festival & SPOTS' futures are bright.

Financial terms of the agreement were not released.

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