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Town Hall & SPOTS:

April 2, 2005 - San Francisco, CA

On April 2nd, BMORG held its annual Town Hall Meeting. In attendance were several of my Co-Mayors in Shangri-La Village.  Upon entering the Town Hall Meeting an immediate run to the restroom revealed the following placard on the Bathroom door.

Porta Potty
Key Card for BM
Presales: $75/ea
($150 @ BM2005)

SPOTS Key Card Details:

April 1, 2005 - Burning Man LLC (BMORG) has just completed 8 months of intense negotiations with SPOTS (Superior Portable Outdoor Tinkle Stations) on a multi-year contract to provide the annual Burning Man Festival with Portable Sanitation Services. With the signing of this agreement, SPOTS has withdrawn its pending Lawsuit against BMORG.

The 400-Page agreement signed today will allow the Festival to go on a celebrate its 20th anniversary. The citizens of Black Rock City will have to abide by much stricter rules concerning Porta Potty use. Each person arriving through the Greeter Station will be given a Key Card which they will need to use each time they enter one of the 600 Porta Potties set up in strategic areas of the Playa as well as in the towns of Gerlach & Empire.

Each Key Card will allow its holder to use any of the Porta Potties provided, but with a 2x per day Maximum use. SPOTS will be using the latest technology to track the Potty habits of everyone who enters the gates of Black Rock City. Violators of this policy will be subject to the fullest extent of the Law. The Key Card MUST be returned to appropriate BMORG personnel upon leaving the event. Loss of card or failure to return Key Card will result in a $500 fine payable in Cash. If this fine cannot be paid immediately, participants will be directed to SPOTS Reno facility where they will assist SPOTS employees in the massive cleanup effort of 600 units, which is scheduled to last 60 days. Extra Washoe County Police & Federal agents will be on hand to monitor the overall project.

Well . . . planning and running the TM can be a boring job without the pleasure of spreading other people's folly.

I saw just a few wrinkled brows as folks stood outside the bathrooms reading the info. Just a few.

"Key Cards for BM"

Get it?

I want to thank all of the Burning Man Office Staff for running with SPOTS and making it live on past it's April Fool's Day Debut.

In addition to SPOTS the Burning Man Web Site ran April Fool's Index Page


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